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Ram Dekel LAW OFFICE RAM DEKEL LAW OFFICE Injustice anywhere is a threat
to justice everywhere
- Martin Luther King
Truth is always the strongest argument - Sophocles

IN THE class actions

The office engages in the representation of clients in courts in most areas of civil law, specializing, among other things, in the representation of customers in confrontations with banks, the resolution of business disputes and class actions. One of our specialties is representing clients vis-a-vis banks, in which framework we have already handled hundreds of cases, among them large and quite complex ones, in a variety of matters such as the auditing of accounts, breach of agreements, lifting of restrictions, bankruptcies, realization of mortgages, liquidations, guarantees and the like. In tens of cases, we have reached exceptional compromise agreements between our clients and the different banks.

Class Action

Since 1997, we were involved in approximately 100 class actions in various matters, including securities, banking, corporations, anti-trust, consumer protection and environmental.

Commercial Law

We represent various companies and businesses on a regular basis, in which framework we provide advice on various legal problems generally encountered by a commercial company.


For many years our office has been specializing in the representation of clients in confrontations and negotiations with banks.

Derivative Action

In recent years we are seeing an increasing use of the derivative claim tool that is developing fast. Our firm has submitted derivative claims regarding the public companies Bank Hapoalim, Bezeq, Teva Wilifood and more.


We believe that the environmental issue is one of paramount importance. Therefore, we work extensively on behalf of this cause, independently. Such activity is done entirely on a pro bono basis, and we see this as a service for the public good.

Other Domains

Apart from the intensive activity in the areas mentioned above, the office also deals with many other, varied legal domains, including specific matters in individual special cases

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